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very important message for people who travel abroad by flights , always take photograph of your luggage to prove your ownersship or deny if it iS otherwise Learn a valuable lesson to save yourseif from dangerous plots

1) he flew into Nigeria from germany using Turkish Air

2) he arrived Nigeria but one of his bag luggage with his name tag was missing He made a complaint and he was told to go home that the airport officials will look for it and give him a call

3) He got a call around midnight that his bag had been found and that he should come pick it that night . He decided against going that night. He instead went to NAHCO in the afternoon.

4) On getting to NAHCO he was surrounded by over zealous nigerian security operatives DDS , NDLEA etc. the bag he was shown indeed had his name tag but it was not his own. someone had removed his original tag from his missing bag and tagged it to the bag which had possibly hard drugs.

5) He insisted that it was not his bag and proceeded to show them photos of his luggage which he took before arriving nigeria

6) Despite the photos he went through ngorous screening that afternoon before he was lot go Suppose he did not have the photos He side only God knows what his life would have become.

7) That same afternoon he approached turkish airlines and caused ascene at their office he said something about using his connection to make trouble with turkish airlines and eventually turkish airlines compensated him heavily.

8) He advised all travellers to always take pictures of their luggage as that’s what saved him



if you have family members abroad who are planning to visit any country , please tell them to take complete and very clear pictures of their travelling bags and luggage. before leaving their bases. they muts take pictures with all of their bags and save these on their photos. Reports reaching us confirm that some airport agents in certain countrise are now removing tags from bags containing hard drugs and transtemng the tags tho others people’s bags. this is a strategy to help their agents smuggle drugs into some countries. you will pick up your bag thinking its your bag because your name is tagged to the bag. and then you will be accosted , accused & arnested for having hard drugs in your bag and sometimes , they will allow you to check out and take your bag home , only fore their angents to visit you at home ti kill you before collecting their bags A lot of innocent people frome America , UK etc are in jail now who know nothing about hard drugs but were picked up at some airport for bringing hard drugs in to certain countries.

please circulate this massage to as many people as possible

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